Memory Lane Impressions – Terms and Conditions

Terms and  Conditions

Terms and Conditions are subject to change without notice.

Hands & Feet Casting Terms and Conditions.

Photos / Birth Certificates

  • Photos and/or birth certificates are to be supplied by the customer at their expense.
  • Birth certificates are to be available on the day of the casting appointment.
  • Memory Lane Impressions (MIL) will not be liable for delays in the completion of the final product where late supply of photos have occurred.
  • Delays in supplying a photo will impact the completion of the final product, as all orders are processed in date order. Where photos are supplied outside of the 4 to 6 weeks, the final product will be completed at the soonest possible convenience of Memory Lane Impressions.
  • Should you choose to supply a photo taken by yourself, MIL is not liable for the quality of the print.
  • MIL gives an allowance of two bad photo prints, additional costs will be incurred for extra photo printing beyond this.
  • MIL is happy to help make slight editing changes to photos. In these instances customers will be provided with a proof for your approval.
  • If you choose to print a photo and post it to MLI for use in the final product, MIL is not liable for the state in which the photo arrives. It is the customers’ responsibility to ensure it is packaged correctly for transit. We are happy advise the safest way if requested.
  • MLI has advised me that the photo profile I select will affect the layout of the overall product.
  • Photo’s that are supplied in digital format are to be submitted via email only. MMS text or Facebook messaged photos will not be accepted due to the quality of the file.
  • The photo is to be sized at 5×7 and to ensure no part of the photo is cut off it should have a 1cm clearance around the edge of the photo for mounting purposes. Resizing can be done on your behalf; however you will only be contacted if we cannot fit more that 90% of the photo in the photo window or the photo quality is poor.

Casting Appointment

  • MIL will always endeavour to get the perfect cast however; sometimes there can be slight imperfections that cannot be avoided. We will get the best possible cast that your child will allow on the day of the appointment.
  • MIL will always allow for 2 extra casts per child on the day of the appointment to ensure the best mould possible. Any extra moulds beyond this due to the lack of cooperation by the child will incur extra costs.
  • If in the event the child fails to cooperate the day of the appointment another day can be arranged to try again, however a travel fee will apply.
  • If a casting is attempted and aborted due to baby/child not co-operating a fee to cover travel, time and materials used will be applicable.
  • On the day of appointment extras such as additional plaques or custom moulding and travel fees must be paid in addition to the $50 deposit.
  • Deposit can be paid in cash or by card to the day (card facility incurs a 1.9% processing fee)
  • EFT of the deposit will NOT be accepted on the day of the appointment. EFT can be organised by arrangement but paid prior to the appointment.
  • After casting all casts require some level of clean-up to remove bubbles etc. We do are upmost to ensure all details is kept during this process however sometimes small details can be lost during this process.

Orders / Framing Selections

  • Orders must be finalised within 3 months of the appointment. In the event that this does not occur, casts will be disposed of and the initial $50 deposit will be forfeit plus any additional moneys paid to cover travel, extra plaques and/or upgraded frame.  MIL will make contact and give 5 days’ notice to finalise the order before proceeding to dispose of the moulds.
  • Orders for frames and plaques are placed the day of the appointment, therefore any change of mind regarding selections maybe subject to extra cost dependent upon how quickly our suppliers have acted on the order. If a supplier has commenced your order charges will apply to make any changes to your selections.
  • Due to changes in manufacturing sometimes frame colour/finish, mat colour and cast colour/finish can sometimes vary from batch to batch. MIL is not liable for these variations.
  • The final product turnaround time is approximately 6 to 8 weeks, dependent upon the timely supply of photo. Sometimes there can be delays due to a supplier or sickness but we will endeavor to notify you in the event of these situations as soon as possible. Please allow additional days for final product completion in the instance of public holidays occurring.

Frame Matching

  • At MLI we will do our absolute best to match frames as closely as possible. Sometimes due to changes to suppler there may be some inconsistency to previous MLI products.  By using MIL again you the customer are agreeing to accept these variations.
  • We cannot guarantee a 100% perfectly matched frame.
  • We do not match cast colours.
  • Custom size frames will incur addition costs to cover frame size and framing that requires a special order.
  • Frames can sometimes be smaller if you the customer select a smaller frame moulding than your original.


  • Delivery can be arranged for an additional cost of $5. Should you forget to be home on the date of the arranged delivery, extra cost will be applied to redeliver.
  • Payment can be made by EFT, cash on delivery or by card.
  • We accept all cards however using the card facility incurs a 1.9% processing fee.
  • If choosing to pay by cash on the day of the delivery, the customer must have the exact amount as we do not always have change available.
  • If paying the final balance by EFT a payment receipt must be provided or payment must clear prior to delivery.


  • We have advised you regarding the safety of the mould product used and Memory Lane Impressions will not liable for any reactions to this product.
  • We do not refund for change of mind.
  • This is a binding contract and you have asked Memory Lane Impressions to conduct this appointment and are therefore liable for all associated costs incurred by Memory Lane Impressions.
  • Memory Lane Impressions is not liable for frames or frame repairs that have fallen of the wall due to incorrect mounting.
  • Memory Lane Impressions is also not liable to fix damage where mishandling of the product has occurred.
  • If after conducting an appointment with MLI and for whatever reason do not proceed with the order, all deposits will be forfeit.


Newborn Photography Terms And Conditions


We will always endeavor to get the perfect photos on the day of the session.  However we will require the cooperation of your baby.  If your baby is restless we will get the best possible photos that your child will allow on the day of the shoot.

We cannot guarantee a specific pose nor can we force your baby in a pose that they show to be uncomfortable with.  We prefer to work with the natural flow of your baby we can result in better photos.

Image Galleries

Where Memory Lane Impressions provides you with a link to your images of proofs the images will only be available for a limited time as specified by email.


The client agrees the Photographer owns the copyright in these photographs including but not limited to all rights in preliminary materials and all electronic rights and hereby waives any claims the client may have based on any usage of the photographs or works derived therefrom, including but not limited to claims for either invasion of privacy or libel. For purposes of this agreement, electronic rights are defined as rights in the digitized form of works that can be encoded, stored, and retrieved from such media as computer disks, hard disks, flash media, removable storage media, computer databases, and network servers.

Due to the nature of digital images all orders of digital images are final and non-refundable. The photographer warrants that digital images will be supplied to the client uncorrupted and if advised by the client within 14 days of purchase of a damaged or corrupted image(s) will replace the image(s) free of charge.

Ordering and Payments

By booking a session the Client agrees to pay a minimum of 50% of the package as a session.

After your session photos will normally be ready for viewing within 3-4 weeks after the photo session. Then you need to select and order your images within 1 week of the gallery being made available to you. Photos are only guaranteed to be available to be ordered for 30 days from your photo session date. After this period photos may be deleted.


Either the Client or the Photographer may cancel the photoshoot without cost or penalty provided that 1 weeks’ notice is given to the other party. If the photographer needs to cancel the photoshoot then the photographer will assist if possible in helping the client find an alternative photographer.

In the event that the Client cancels a photoshoot giving less than 7 days’ notice then the photographer will evaluate on a case by case basis as to whether a refund of the session fee will be given depending on the circumstances of the cancellation. Whether or not a session fee refund is given is at the sole discretion of the Photographer.

If you have any questions regarding these terms and conditions, please do not hesitate to contact us.