Here is a gallery of our work… For examples of baby hands and feet frames please visit our Baby Hands & Feet Frames gallery or Sibling & Family Frames gallery for our family collection.

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Belly Casting Gallery

Frangipani Painted Belly Cast       Oriental Lilly Painted Belly Cast       Cloudy Sky Belly Cast        African Jungle Animals Belly Cast

   Frangipani Design              Oriental Lilly                       Cloudy Sky               African Jungle Animals

Farm Cow Belly Cast       Pepper Pig       Cherry Blossom Torso Cast       Full Torso Casting

         Farm Cow                        Pepper Pig                    Cherry Blossom                 Full Torso Cast

Unpainted Belly CastBelly Life Casting with HandsBelly Cast with Custom Artwork





   Unpainted Belly              Belly Life Casting           Puppy and Kitten

Pet Casting


Free-Standing Statues

Hands StatueAdult Hands SculptureFamily Hand Sculpture





   Children’s Hands           Couple’s Hands         Family Hand Sculpture     Two Adult Hands





Two Adult Hands