All Your Important Questions Answered

Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Why choose Memory Lane Impressions over our competitors?

Other than the fact that we come to you which is something our competitors don’t do, we are a South Australian family business not a franchise so we pride ourselves on providing you with best personalised service and product possible. We go the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction.

2. What is the best age to have my child’s impressions taken?

We can take impressions at any age.  We do from newborn to adult BUT if you were to ask us what the ideal age is we would say the sooner the better for a couple of reasons. From a week old is generally a good time as mum’s milk has more than likely has come in and bubs should be then feeding well and therefore more settled, not to mention you then capture them at their tiniest.  As we have said, we can cast any age but from about 5 months and in some-cases from even 3 months baby starts to move, be stronger and more active and this can make getting the cast a little more difficult.  It doesn’t mean they are impossible to cast it just maybe a factor to consider when doing the casting.

3. What if I have more than one child that I would like to get done?

We can accommodate a family frame with  multiple children in one frame.

4. How do you take the impressions?

We take a mould of your child’s hand or foot by placing it in a mix that when set is like rubber.  It takes less than a minute to set and then we genitally remove the cast by wiggling the hand or food out. It is absolutely painless.

5. Is the product used for casting safe?

The product is non-toxic to skin in fact you may have used it before and not even known!  The product is a dental mould and is what dentists use when you have to have a mouth guard made.  So it is that safe it can go in your mouth!

6. Who supplies the photo and/or birth certificate?

Photography is not one of our strong points so you will need to supply these items yourself.  The photo can either be one you have had professionally taken or one you have taken yourself.  If you need recommendations for a photographer we can assist with that too.

7. What if I don’t have my photo’s on the day of the appointment?

No problem! Just email us the photo when you do.

8. How long before I get the finished product?

The turn around time is usually 8 weeks subject to public holidays and when the photo is supplied.  Delay in supplying a photo will impact the completion date of the final product, as all orders are processed in date order. Where photo’s are supplied out side of the 3 weeks from the date of the appointment, the final product will be completed at the soonest possible convenience of Memory Lane Impressions.

9. Do you do gift vouchers?

Yes we do.  Gift vouchers can be purchased for a nominated amount or for one of our services and we will post it out to you. For those that are in a hurry we have a printable option too!

10. When is payment required?

All we ask is a $50 deposit to secure your booking and then a further $50-$150 deposit on the day of the appointment (subject to total cost of package) and the balance is payable on completion.

11. How do I make payment?

Payments can be made by cash, EFT or credit card.  We accept all major credit cards, however they do incur a 1.9% processing fee.

12. How long does an appointment take?

Appointments can take any where between 30 minutes to an hour.

13. What happens if my child is not being cooperative on the day?

On very rear occasions this can occur and if after exhausting all options to get a successful set of castings we can re-book another day. However there is a re-booking fee to cover extra travel and the cost of extra moulds.