About Memory Lane Impressions

We come to you!

Memory Lane Impressions is a baby hands and feet casting company that has been operating in Adelaide for 15 years. As we are a South Australian family business, not a franchise, we pride ourselves on providing you with best personalised service and product possible, therefore we go the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction.

What a better way to capture how tiny your child once was with a Baby Hands and Feet Sculpture and once more, you don’t even need to leave your house.

We conduct ALL services in the comfort of your very own home, hospital room or a mutually agreed location  if you are in Adelaide from a regional area.

Memory Lane Impressions is the only company in South Australia that offers a mobile service for your convenience to the metropolitan area at no extra cost. We can make sculptures for newborns to adults and even the beloved family pet, so we have you covered. Creating the impressions is generally a quick process and takes only a few minutes to complete each cast, so your appointment should only take about half an hour to an hour of your time. We then take the moulds and refine them with the option to have the finished product delivered to your door.

Only non-toxic casting products are used to make it safe for your baby, family and pets and the quality of our finished product is something we at Memory Lane Impressions are very proud of.

Using only quality products along with our large range of framing options we are happy to tailor make your order, so you get exactly what you desire.

Put us to the test today! ….. You won’t be disappointed.

Need a little more convincing? check out some of the feedback from our customers on the Testimonials page.